Friday, July 25, 2014
Treasury Management
Check Fraud Prevention
Treasury Management
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Check Fraud Prevention

Check fraud is a growing problem that costs businesses billions of dollars each year. Positive Pay is an innovative product designed to combat check fraud and unauthorized withdrawals.  It provides businesses the peace of mind that only authentic, authorized checks will be paid from their accounts.

Positive Pay provides tighter control over check issuance and allows businesses to inspect any suspect checks presented on their account before they are paid. Not only will Positive Pay reduce your exposure to altered or counterfeit items, it will also save you time and money.

Prevent Unauthorized Withdrawals

Positive Pay compares the serial numbers of all checks presented for payment against an authorized list of issued check serial numbers. Unauthorized items are reported to you for inspection and validation.

How Positive Pay Works

Positive Pay enables First Financial Bank to become partners with you against fraud losses. Each time you process your payables, simply transmit your issued checks file (including amounts and check numbers) to us. As your checks are presented for payment, we compare your issued check information against our daily paid check file to ensure that all checks presented for payment have been properly issued, have not been altered, and are presented for the correct amount. If any suspect items are identified, these checks are presented to you for your decision to honor or to return the item.

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